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After a successful career in the restaurant business in Melbourne and cattle farming in Victoria's high country, I decided it was time for a radical change.

I wanted to embark on a new chapter that would combine my life-long passion for horses and riding with a new understanding of the horse/human dynamic, all to evolve in a natural setting that would showcase everything I cherish.

It's not so much that I found Banyandah (meaning 'home on the water'), it's that Banyandah found me. Against the backdrop of the Murray River and the majesty of the gums that line its banks, I made a home that is a magnet for anyone interested in the pursuit of natural horsemanship skills and personal transformation.

In an atmosphere of deep trust and harmony, students can come together to create a dialogue between animal and rider. Under the expert guidance of internationally renowned tutors, the journey of discovery begins here...

Jane Reid

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