Jane Reid


It is an honour and a delight to teach at Banyandah naturally. Jane, her horses and Banyandah each have their own special way of welcoming you but together, they embody a synergy that invites guests, human and horse alike, to new levels of awareness, attunement and possibility.

The lessons learned here are taught not only by a rich international herd of facilitators, but by Banyandah itself and after full days of learning, experiencing and expanding, you'll get to retire in beautuful accommodations while enjoying the comfort of great conversation over a luxurious meal.

There is a kind of dreamtime unique to Banyandah for it is a place where as the Hopi say, you can dream your world into, being. This is certainly evidenced by Jane's inclusive yet expansive vision and what a blessing to share in it, and be transformed by it, while you are here.

Sandra Wallin, MA
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Founder of the Chiron's Way Centre for Equine Guided Development, Co-Author of Horse As Teacher: The Path to Relationship and Author of the Forthcoming Book, The Equine Apothecary.

Banyandah is more than a place in a glorious location. Jane Reid is a brilliant horsewoman, hostess, and guardian of the life of the land and all that share energy there. There are no words to describe what is possible when Banyandah is a destination, but this I know with certainly: Any time there, simply must be experienced, and will remain in your heart forevermore, as life changing nourishment for your soul.

Constance Funk
Mount Vernon, Washington State, USA

It has been my joy and privilege to teach 'Journey Horse Oz' at the beautiful facilities Banyandah naturally, a true 'horse heaven' for our equine partners, thankfully available right here on earth.

Human and horse participants alike experience elegant, restful, well-designed facilities with delicious meals provided by Jane's gracious hospitality.

Her vision for this piece of land on the Murray River makes all the difference. She has specifically designed it to bring horses and people together to offer the best opportunities for furthering a new horse/human partnership that will build a better world for us all.

Trish Broersma
Ashland, Oregon USA

Author of
Riding Into Your Mythic Life: Transformational Adventures with the Horse

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